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Play as Bess (or rename her) who has travelled to the castle of an evil lord who has routinely cursed women of her village. She doesn't want to suffer the same fate as the others and he has offered her a chance for mercy: Solve the castle before time runs out and you can be free from the curse!

The game has 5 endings that you can get, all with hand drawn cutscenes and sprites.


  • True Good end
  • Good end
  • Pasteurized
  • Milk Maid
  • Times up!

The game is done and likely will not get much more updates to it outside some cosmetics and new endings. However I'm more than likely to make more games like this in the near future.


  • RPG Maker MV
  • FungalDragon (author)
  • Candacis (Regular Cow Sprites)
  • MogHunters Time System Plugin

To do list:

  • Add another stage to Bess's transformation
  • Add more cutscenes
  • iOS Support
  • Make Custom Android/iOS app icons

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(110 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker, Clip Studio Paint
TagsAdult, breast-expansion, cows, fetish, Furry, race-the-clock, Short, Singleplayer, timed, transformation
Average sessionA few minutes


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Cattle Castle App for Android 66 MB
Cattle Castlewin1.6.rar 124 MB
Cattle Castlewin1.6.zip 137 MB
Cattle Castlemac1.6.rar 226 MB
Cattle Castlemac1.6.zip 273 MB

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You're most welcome! Also awesome avatar! I love Epithet Erased!

A very fun, kinky game! It's got a cute premise and while the puzzles are simple, they feel fair and provide enough challenge to draw the player in. The production values are nice, the character art and the voice acting are both well done. Good for fans of involuntary TF and cowgirls! Very impressive for PWYW!

can you make it playable for browser?

I truely cannot wait for the iOS support cause I literally don't own anything that can run it and it looks really good!


Make this game free its look's bad for you but this game is gonna turn most played if you turn this game free

Cattle Castle 1 IS free tho? lol

hi! tried to play this game but i'm running into an issue where the top-third of my screen blacks-out, both for cutscenes and for the actual gameplay. the black part goes away when i hit Escape and view Bess's status, but comes back when i try to resume gameplay. makes navigating the maze very difficult and interferes with me seeing the wonderful art... ^^;

playing the Windows Zip-version, could not get the .rar version to extract or work properly despite trying multiple times. the Zip version does work it just has this issue

I can't get it to work the game won't open and after a minut or so it just stops existing

Hi there, are you trying to open it with the itch app?

no why?

It's a common error when trying to open the game (or any other RPGMaker games) in the itch app that it doesn't work.
Are you still experiencing the error? I'd like to help. n.n

no I can open it but the 3rd cow TF sprite don't work

okay, can you explain how it’s not working? Are you getting an error message? Do you have screenshots?

So it's basically Lacto escape except it actually has endings to it.

maybe! I haven’t gotten around to playingn lacto yet. Just heard it has some neat features. Is it not complete yet?

No, it has not, the original game was completed but the remade game does not have any endings yet.

(1 edit)

I appear to be unable to open the game.  When opening the file and double clicking on the Game executable nothing happens. I have tried this with both the Rar and the Zip version. Sometimes when attempting to open it I get a system error that says "The code execution cannot proceed because nw_elf.dll was not found. Reinstalling may fix this problem."


Hi there, are you using a mac? This is a common error with mac users and I can ask my team what the fix is.

I am using Windows 10 I believe.

(1 edit)

I believe I have found the issue. Upon closing the second game I was able to open the first but I am unable to open the second when the first is open. I have also had a multitude of errors with the second game with it at one point was completely unopenable. When opening either one it opens two pages, one is the game and the second is this image. An image of what opens on the task bar will also be shown.


Talking with the team about this. The NW.js is apparently a common error with rpgmaker games.
Can you send screenshots of the other errors?

(1 edit)

I have actually had errors with other rpg maker games such as Bitch Family on the Beach. Now that you say this the errors are  starting to make sense.

(1 edit)

Currently this is about as much as I can report, I just remember one day I started to have the "can open this but not while this is open and vice versa" but I never put the pieces together until now.  I will try to experiment to see if I can get any more errors to report with more screenshots.

Edit: as of testing with BFotB the same thing occurs with the "profile error".

(4 edits)

I just found how to open the page that says nw_elf.dll. I installed the Winrar version and extracted the game within the Winrar application and attempted to open cattle castle 1 while cattle castle 2 was open (also did it with BFotB) which yielded this image. Upon further testing this occurs regardless of whether any rpg maker games are open.

Edit: This can likely be due to my own error in not being experienced in using WinRar.

How to I get all endings? The 3 endings I got only are Good ending, Milk maid and Times Up. How do I get the other two? Some guide would help.


if you insult the cattle lord too much, or get stuck in the wrong doorway in the pasture you’ll get Pasturized.

Good end is making it to the boss but leaving with massive tits.

True good end is making it to the boss using only the small doorways.

How do I get through the small door that is next to the crystal?

You’ll have to try flipping the switches around until the door opens. You’ll also have to be human enough to fit through it.



Your game is pretty cool and original ! Can I make a let's play video of it ? Knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from that and I publish on porn website ^^

that would be awesome! Go right ahead~ be sure to link us to it when it’s posted. 


Second game should be free, this one they should pay you to play. I want my 20 minutes back lol


lol whatever dude. 


I Hope that CC 2 can be play on Mobile version

P.S : Please be Android 😔

Hey Fungal, glad I came across your game man! Love your style! I’m one of your many patrons! I only pray you release each title with a Mac version cause that’s what I have ^.=.^ keep it up man! I’ll be supporting you for years to come!

aww thank you! Yep! I’ll always have a Mac version! And hopefully mobile versions as well.

Glad to have met you and your amazing games Fungal, thank you!

<3 thank you again

this is defintley a fun game and looking foward to the seaquel and how it plays out and witch ending it gose off of

Hey friend, how’s CC 2 looking?! I’m soo excited!!

The dev team just started beta testing yesterday. It should be available to Patreon supporters this week!

Though I am also waiting for the voice actress of the main character to get her lines to me, which might push back the release date.

(8 edits)

I really love this game, althought it kind of seems impossible to beat without losing to the timer of becoming a full on cow. Which is pretty repetetive and annoyingly frustrating since I can't seem beat the timer in the first place because there's just too many rooms of puzzles to do. It just doesn't make it fun when I'm constantly losing to the transformation  no matter what.

Wish I could say I wanna continue playing it, but I simply can't because of that reason.


hi there sorry to hear that you’re having troubles. Many people have beaten the game and achieved all the endings this seems to be a problem you are exclusively having. Would you like a link to a walkthrough since it sounds like you’ve only achieved the times up ending which means you might need help completing the puzzles?


Can you make another game similar to this game?

yep! Cattle castle 2 is almost done! <3

can't wait to see it


i assuming your going to update this to 1.7at some point since you still have plans to add another state of the tf?

Chances are there'll be a Cattle Castle 2 and a Demo of The New Queen.

cattle castle 2 huh? hmm is it going to be the same as the first one or are you going to make it less linear and maybe add combat to it? 

very nice game btw not really much else like it of what i could find, unless you know of any other rpg maker games that use timed based fight against the timer transformations?

it might be fun to figure out combat. Though I’m unsure of how to go about stopping the “clock” during encounters and how grindy I want leveling up to be. Something to experiment with but not garunteed to be part of the final product.

I’ve honestly not encountered any other time trial games that include TF themes. But I haven’t exactly been digging very deep to find any.

There's Trap Quest but it's mostly text and has a different focus. You might want to look at TFGames.Site for more exposure, several itch.io devs have their games linked there, just remember since your game is commercial you will need to label the game as such and instead of a download link you will want to put a link to your itch.io page for the game https://fungaldragon.itch.io/cattle-castle

down side of TFGs is the tagging system isn't very good, it doesn't have setting tags like space or medieval, and it doesn't have specific fetish tags, just more general categories

Could there be a way to play it in browser on iOS? I really like the game! Are you working on a new game at the moment?

yeah I’m having trouble porting to iOS or browser sadly. I am currently catching up on work and making a new bigger game.

Alrighty, do you have any sort of estimate on when that new game is gonna be released? I really liked this one so I'm looking forward to playing the next one ^^

I’m shooting for this year! I’ve got a lot of coding and drawing for this one. (The backgrounds will be hand drawn, sprites and busts) with any luck it’ll be out before fall.

That sounds like a lot of work. I’m excited! Just take your time! ^^

Is there gonna be another update?

is this for iOS/iPhone cause I see it on the todo list but the game status is released so just wondering 

Hi there, I can't seem to figure out porting for iPhone, I have one so I'd be happy to have it working on there but so far no luck. Sorry!

Nah dw it’s fine I was just curious

All I hear is music and all I see is a black screen. I would love to play it. Any advice?

What platform are you using?

(1 edit)

itch player and windows 8. good graphics processor. I can minimize the screen and see glimpses for a few seconds

Update. I fixed the issue. Integrated graphics instead of Nvidia. It's a great game :P Would love to see a sequel


I’m glad you got it to work!

And thank you! I might make a sequel, at the moment I’m working on a Dragoness tf game. It’s a much bigger production.

Both sound amazing!

Fun little game you've made here for what it is! I actually got the true best ending accidentally the first time. :D

Also fun discovery. Although you can only enter through the small doors before the final transformed stage. if you enter before and let time pass till you're almost completely transformed the dialogue reads pretty funny here.

Deleted 1 year ago

the only way to get that is to only use the smaller doors.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

macOS gives a "this application cannot be opened" error.  Is there a permissions thing somewhere that needs to be toggled or something?

I'm not sure, I'll ask a friend with a mac to attempt to open it. Otherwise there might be something that you need to change in your permissions or security on your computer.

Great game keep up the good work. I like the transformations that take place. It would be great if you added on to this game. I'm looking forward for your next installmen.

Hey there! Hate to bother you so late, but you seem to be pretty good about answering questions, so I figured I may as well ask. You mentioned below that to get the perfect ending, you need to go through only small doors. However, I'm stuck on the small puzzle door, & was hoping you'd offer up the solution. I've noticed that the bridge doesn't come up when I press 3, then 2, but whenever I press on 1/4 after, it does. I've assumed you have to flip the switches in order, but am I mistaken?

Hi there! The bridge will appear when one switch has been pulled however not when a certain one is pulled.
Bridge =< 1, switch 1=+1, switch 2=+1, switch 3 =-1, switch 4=+1
So long as the number is greater than one the bridge to the larger part of the room will appear, however you need to make the switches equal 3 for the crystal to light up and the final "small door" to open. Hope that helps!

It does, thank you very much. I look forward to seeing how this game progresses.

I have only a few ideas for this game but I am working on a longer game with a lot more TF in it.

This was great, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more if you continue to work on tf content!


Absolutely! I'm thinking of adding more content for this game on computer platforms like cutscenes, visuals and possibly another spriteset for an additional stage of TF.

As for more TF content I am slowly but surely making a game involving a dragoness transformation, this one will have plenty of stages, different outfits, branching paths, possibly a battle system and animated cutscenes.

looking foward to see that game

This game is really good im excited to see more special stuff added to the game great work ^^

when u update the game is it just patches or new things in the game??

patches for now but I’m considering adding more endings and visuals and possibly another phase to the TF.

(1 edit)

ok cool its a good game


how do I get the endings I get timed out its on the tin, I got the good on my first run and pasteurized but don't get the other two 

true good you need to go through only small doors (time management is key to fit through them)
To get the Maid ending you need to ask to stay and serve the overlord.

huh one door is locked and yet I can't find a key.

Which one?

its funny! update it! :3

Excellent job! It might be outside the scope of the project, but any plans to add a CG viewer for endings we've unlocked?


It's possible! I'm looking into it, it should be something with a new game+ plugin that can save certain info from your playthroughs without effecting your progression in a new game

Deleted 1 year ago

let me download it myself and see what the issue is. What platform are you using? Mac or Windows?

Deleted 1 year ago

Did you unzip the folders? I just downloaded the .rar and it works fine on my end.

Deleted 1 year ago

That is incredibly strange. Is there a chance your computer might see it as a malicious programme and is blocking it? Because as I said, the file is complete when I downloaded it and unzipped it.

Do you plan to add pregnancy in the game or is it a TF only game.

Probably TF only but that could be an alternate ending for an update if there's enough interest.

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry! I was updating it! It should be back now!

hey just a quick question. are you gonna expand on this game or this type of game in general? cause this was freaking great and i REAAALLY need more lmao.

I am possibly going to add some small 'mini cutscenes' to some of the late level treasure boxes to go along with the text, but this game is finished as far as the big content. -However, I'm very inspired to make more games like this in the near future! let me know what you'd like to see in my new games.

this won't let me open it on the launcher

which launcher?

the itch.io laucher

I’m not sure how that works. You might need to just download it since it’s inside a file folder and currently zipped to make it smaller.

Deleted 32 days ago

sure! I’ll release rar and zip for both Mac and windows sometime in the next 24 hours. I also should be able to decrease the file size as well.

Deleted 32 days ago
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