Final Version

FINALLY! The first and (hopefully) final update for Fngs fr th mmrs!

I had an absolute BLAST making this back in october and learned quite a few tricks to bring to the table for future games.

While most of my games will be NSFW, I really enjoyed making something a little less thirsty on my own, while it still holds a heavy focus on transformation and contains a signature cow TF and description much like the other games so far, I think it leans far enough away from pure smutt to maintain a 13+ rating.

What is in this update?

  • Removed areas where the player could get stuck while being chased by the Werewolf
  • Added a few new events in the funhouse to populate it more and add intrigue.
  • Added instructions for players unfamiliar with RPG Maker inputs.
  • Added a new ending with fully drawn scenes.
  • Allowed the player to leave during the party.
  • Added back the SAVE FEATURE! (Yay!)
  • Added an ending credits Easter egg.
  • Added a secret Dev-room Easter egg.
  • Made the last "Puzzle" a little more obvious.
  • Casey now gives the player a slice of Pizza.
  • Button input is a little more accurate (This is still mainly a common RPG Maker error)
  • Removed the shading to help tie in the style of the tilesets more.
  • Added more dialogue and SFX and music.
  • Added a Player Health system.


Fangs1.2 - Windows.rar 97 MB
Dec 11, 2021
Fangs1.2 - MacOS.rar 200 MB
Dec 11, 2021

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